Pressure Cleaning

Hardscapes are, by nature, exposed to a lot. Since they’re located outdoors, they’re getting constant exposure to the elements. Add to that the activity of people, vehicles, and pets, and its no wonder not how they got so dirty. Poorly maintained concrete and brick comes with a number of implications for the curb appeal, the longevity, and even the safety on your property. Dirty concrete or brick can make even the most beautiful home look poorly cared-for.

When your concrete isn’t regularly cleaned, the build-up of debris can result in fading, cracking, and faster deterioration. Concrete, brick, and other surfaces need a cleaning solution that takes a strong approach to stains. Our team pairs pressure washing with hot water cleaning technology to provide the best solution for you. Ultravac Experts hot pressure washing system is designed to tackle the build-up that normal power washing equipment can’t. We use this technology to:

– Break down oil, grease, and other debris from vehicle leaks
– Remove rust stains and battery acid stains
– Wash away dirt, leaf stains, and other soils
– Kill and remove mould, mildew, and more

Whether your brick pavers are covered in dirt or your concrete is riddled with oil stains, Ultravac Experts are here to help. Our service is ideally suited for:

– Driveways and sidewalks
– Patios and porches
– Retaining walls
– Brick pavers and masonry
– Graffiti Removal
– Pool decks and more


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